Health Promise: Empowering the Doctor and Patient relationship

Helping Doctors and Patients to keep track of the Patient’s health.

A unique cloud based PRO (patient reported outcome) and decision support tool that empowers both patients and providers. Patients track their quality of life as well as symptoms and providers can use the visual data in real time (integrated with EHRs) to provide better care to entire patient population. Everyone Wins!

Watch webinar with Laura Webb our patient partner


  • Allows capturing of patient reported data (via tablets, smartphone apps or web browsers)
  • Providers access all data in physician dashboard
  • Data electronically submitted to provider incentive programs (including PQRS)
  • All data hosted in cloud and integrated with electronic  health record platforms
  • End to end HIPAA compliant platform
  • Disease-agnostic  platform (customizable to many chronic diseases)

HealthPROMISE Consortium

HealthPROMISE is now live at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Northwestern School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Miami!

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