We are seeking all kinds of partnerships at Sinai AppLab!

Join our team working full time, part-time or as an intern (careers)

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Sinai AppLab has been providing consulting services to a variety of large and small companies and organizations developing products or services for the connected health market.  Our team leverages experience, to provide strategic recommendations and guidance, assessment and evaluation of technologies, and the application of clinical realities to help our clients successfully navigate the transformation from research to adoption.

One of our goals is to show how the right fit of technology, patient, and setting, can have a profound impact on care and quality of life.  In a consulting role, we are in the beginning stages of achieving our vision of clinical transformation on a local, national and global scale.

Core Expertise:

  • Advisory Services – Strategic and Functional
  • Technology Evaluation and Training
  • Innovation Collaboration and Coaching
  • Human Centered Design in mHealth
  • Industry Landscape and Analysis

Partnering & Funding

Corporations and other innovation focused institutions, who are looking to engage with academic research centers, are partners we welcome. Industry collaborations formed with us stand to expedite applications from discovery to clinical phase as well as help procure relevant research funding.


Sinai AppLab’s team leads the creation and rigorous evaluation of innovative solutions for today’s digital health landscape. We develop technology-enabled programs to creatively solve care challenges. We focus on using appropriate health information technology to help patients better manage their own conditions as well as help clinicians deliver targeted, efficient care. Our innovations focus on engaging patients in their own care to improve on quality and outcomes.

  • Deep experience implementing connected health solutions across technologies, communication platforms, patient populations and care settings
  • Access to patients, providers and data to identify care challenges, pilot innovative models in real-world situations and evaluate effectiveness
  • Collaborations with those seeking to have an impact on cost and quality of health care delivery